Storage Design & Installation

Understanding and meeting your storage needs is the cornerstone of our business.

Our experienced team of storage consultants will work with you to maximise the potential of your workspace and provide detailed designs as part of every job.


Installation is performed by our skilled and highly trained project management installation teams. Trade-Ins ask us about this service when they place their new order or replace existing brands.


One Stop Shelving can relocate your existing pallet racking and shelving. We can either relocate you around your existing factory or relocate you to your new facility.

One Stop Shelving will work around you to minimise disruption to your business by dismantling, transporting and relocating your pallet racking and shelving.

We can also provide you with additional materials if your new facility is larger or buy back your existing materials if you are moving into a smaller facility.


Rack Inspection

Ensure the safety of your team and the structural integrity of your racking – let us inspect your pallet racking and reduce the risk factor!

Our Rack Inspection Team can help you comply with a range of OHS & E requirements and maintain your racking so you can save money. We'll work with you to identify and develop strategies to mitigate and reduce overall risk to the business.

We will provide you a detailed assessment of your racking and present strategies that will reduce those risks. Our assessments are conducted in accordance with Australian Standards, and our rack inspection team has over 50 years combined experience in racking and warehouse solutions.

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Warehouse Safety Solutions

Our focus is the protection of people, infrastructure, vehicles and buildings.

You can save money and have piece of mind by utilising us to plan, supply and install all your warehouse safety solutions that will protect your pedestrians and infrastructure.

We supply high quality and durable warehouse safety products, such as:

  • Impact absorbing guards
  • Forklift barriers
  • Barriers and bollards
  • Machine fencing
  • Zone guarding
  • Pedestrian walkways
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