pallet racking melbourne

Pallet Racking

Whatever the product, whatever the capacity, we can design and tailor a racking solution to fit your needs.

With the increasing price of warehousing, it is vital to optimise your storage potential.

We stock all the leading brands in Second Hand such as DEXION pallet racking, COLBY pallet racking, and BROWNBUILT pallet racking.



Cantilever Racking

Cantilever Racking is an ideal storage solution for long or odd shaped items like timber or long steel bars or pipe.

A free standing storage system with load bearing arms from extending verticle columns.

Modular construction for any type of commodity and a practically unlimited load range.


industrial adjustable shelving


Light or Heavy Duty. New or Second Hand. We have the right storage to suit your home or business needs with our wide range of shelving systems.

Whether you need large scale picking for industry or office shelving we have you covered. We stock most brands.

We install and relocate your racking too, from small office applications through to large scale industrial projects.



Raised Storage Areas

Why pay more for extra floor space when you can optimize your capacity with a Raised Storage Area in unused or underutilized space.

Double your storage space in order to give room for your business to grow. Each Raised Storage Area can be individually tailored to the layout and needs of your site and incorporate all storage systems from light duty shelving to pallet racking.

One Stop Shelving uses a combination of new and second hand pallet racking materials in construction of your Raised Storage Area.



Storage Cupboards, Lockers & Boxes

Storage Cupboards & Lockers are a great way for you to store valuable and personal items.

Our Cupboards & Lockers are heavy duty, powder coated grey and are easily assembled. They come flat packed and all you need is a screw driver to set them up. On request, we can assemble them for you. 

Fischer Plastic Bins for home, business or industry. Whatever the need or application, One Stop has storage boxes covered. Whether it be small appllications for the home or for large picking and logistic needs, we will have the solution.



Storage Accessories

Protect your business and staff with rack protection. We supply a comprehensive range of safety products for your storage system, facilitating safe operational practices and protecting your system from damage.

This will improve the lifespan of your racking and save you from costly repairs. Installation is simple, fast and effective.