Pallet Racking

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Warehouse Pallet racking

Whatever the product, whatever the capacity, we can design and tailor a storage solution to fit your needs.

With the increasing price of warehousing, it is vital to optimise your storage potential.

We stock all the leading brands in new and second hand such as STOW Pallet Racking, DEXION Pallet Racking, COLBY Pallet Racking and BROWNBUILT Pallet Racking.



One Stop Shelving stocks the two most recognised racking and shelving brands in new and second hand - Colby and Dexion Pallet Racking. We also stock a wide range of other brands including Brownbuilt, APC, Schaefer and Dexion Compatible Pallet Racking.

Selective pallet racking is the most common method of storing pallets as it gives 100% access to stock, can be serviced by virtually any forklift and requires low capital investment. Selective pallet racking can easily be adjusted for various pallet heights or even relocated.

We have an extensive range of pallet racking to provide you with the best solution to maximise space in any warehouse configuration and make your business work more productively and therefore more profitable.

We provide a range of storage solutions to our clients to maximise their pallet racking capacity in order for their business to operate more productively and profitably.

Pallet Racking Warehouse and Storage


Drive-In and Drive Through is the most popular form of high density storage where pallets are stored in deep lanes on tapered pallet runners undivided by aisles.

It can be serviced by a variety of forklifts including counter-balance and reach trucks. We also provide various protection including floor channels to guide forklifts and upright protectors to reduce damage costs.

Drive-In Pallet Racking solutions are ideal for businesses looking for high density storage; last-in, first out pallet storage configurations; seasonal items that move quickly; and they are ideal racks for cooler or freezers where space is very limited.

In second hand materials, One Stop Shelving stocks both Colby and Dexion Drive In Racking. We stock a large quantity of different size Drive In Rail to meet your racking requirements.



Second Hand Colby and Dexion Pallet Racking can be configured to store hardware, pipe, archive boxes, furniture, barrels, tyres, carpets, in fact just about anything.

Here at One Stop we have the knowledge to solve just about any storage problem.



Double Deep offers a cost effective method of bulk storage without substantially reducing access. The system does require the use of a special reach truck with double reach mechanisms to place and retrieve pallets from the second slot in the racks.

Double Deep Pallet Racking storage systems results in Last-In First-Out (LIFO) access, 50% of goods are behind pallets when storage locations are at full capacity.