All businesses with pallet racking in their warehouse should be aware of the Australian Standard AS4084-12 and understand that pallet racking must have an independent and professional inspection at least every 12 months.

One Stop Shelving’s specialty inspections & repairs team…

  • Provides a visual inspection of all pallet racking, walkways and signage
  • Provides an assessment in compliance to the most up-to-date requirements: Australian Standard AS4084-12
  • Prepares an inspection report of your existing pallet racking with red, amber & green recommendations depending on the urgency of repairs required
  • Installs inspection signs with the date the pallet racking was inspected and the due date of the next inspection
  • Issues a Certificate of Compliance when inspections and repairs are satisfactory

In the demanding warehouse space, hazards cannot be entirely eliminated. Addressing issues early is the most efficient way for many to be avoided. Regular racking inspections performed every 12 months with our specialised service staff will ensure this peace of mind.