Light or heavy duty. New or used. We have the right storage solution to suit your home or business needs with our wide range of shelving systems.

Whether you need large scale picking for industry or office shelving we have you covered. We stock most brands.

We install and relocate your shelving too, from small office applications through to large scale industrial projects.


Our fully adjustable Light and Heavy Storage Solutions, complete with accessories, are designed to meet light to heavy duty shelving and storage requirements for all parts and components storage.

It is suitable for all applications from warehouse to retail, and from simple storage solutions to multi-tiered structures – a shelving solution for all storage requirements. 

 Cost Efficient Shelving Storage Solutions

  • Various heights, widths and depths available
  • Rapid and Easy Boltless Assembly
  • Fully adjustable with wide range of unique accessories
  • Strength and Stability in an appealing high tech design
  • Internationally patented shelving and storage system
  • Zinc coated high tensile steel certified according to EN 10204 31.B

ROSSS Unizinc Shelving

Italian designed, Light Duty Static Shelving with Multi-Tier capabilities.

With refined and slender design, Unizinc is industrial shelving that looks sophisticated enough to be in-house. Unizinc is economical as less shelves are necessary to reach greater space and heights. An innovative boltless construction design makes it remarkably easy to assemble.

Unizinc can be adapted or customised on-the-spot, so it is practical for your company’s changing needs and capabilities into the future.

Accessories are available for full customization of the structure, such as clothing hangers, tire holders etc.

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gondola shelving


Gondola Shelving is primarily used in retail and shop fronts.

Gondola Shelving is available with a number of accessories to tailor the shelving to your needs. It is available as a single sided application or double sided, allowing you to display goods on shelves while maximising retail floor space. 

Gondola shelving is available in a wide range of shapes, sizes and styles.



Maximise storage & order picking flexibility with Long Span Shelving made from light duty racking.

A space-effective solution for storing products of all shapes and sizes. This shelving can be supplied with particleboard, melamine or mesh decks for better fire safety performance and durability. It can stand alone or be integrated into the lower levels of your existing pallet racking.

industrial adjustable shelving


Second Hand Steel Shelving is ideal for light duty parts storage. This shelving system was designed for versatility and easy installation and modification. The design allows for easy extension, adjustment or relocation.

Shelves are adjustable on a 25mm increment and are available in different sizes and colours. Steel Shelving can be configured as a single or double sided unit.

coolroom metal shelving


Cool Room Shelving is made from rust proof zinc planted steel.

This product is suitable for any cool room application from kitchens and laundries to the corner store. It is easily adjustable and has recessed metal shelves.

Cool Room Shelving is available in a wide range of heights, depths & bay lengths to accommodate almost any layout.

Warehouse Safety Solutions


Carlton Live Storage is frequently used to store fast-moving products that are picked as split cases.

Carton Live Storage offers many benefits over static shelving including automatic stock rotation and improved picking productivity. The pick face is condensed by storing reserve stock in lanes on inclined tracks with rollers. As cartons are emptied and removed the reserve moves forward in it's place.

A purpose built shelving system designed to be integrated with your pallet racking.



One Stop Shelving constantly has a range of Second Hand Compactus Units available in a wide range of sizes, configurations and colours. This increases your usable storage space by 38-50%.

Individually designed to save space, time and money through the concept of mobilising static shelving by mounting them on moveable bases. The centralisation of storage also reduces access and retrieval time thus maximising staff productivity.

Ideal for the office, this system is fully enclosed and lockable with backs and sides. Shelving bays sit on a pre-fabricated steel base meaning no floor preparation and easy relocation.