Three Tips for Reducing Pallet Racking Safety Hazards

  • Three Tips for Reducing Pallet Racking Safety Hazards

    Three Tips for Reducing Pallet Racking Safety Hazards

    A critical part of your warehouse operation and employee safety are the pallet racking systems. However, these essential structures are sometimes neglected after installation, creating serious potential OH&S risks, as well as escalating property damages.

    Serious accidents from faulty or damaged racking can occur without regular pallet racking inspections and repairs. It can also void your rack manufacturer’s warranty.

    Items stored on pallet racks are often heavy and bulky. These items require extra care and caution for storage and transportation to prevent any damage or injuries.


    Here are three of the most common racking safety issues that warehouses encounter:

    1. Misaligned Racking

    Racking that is misaligned through years of warehouse wear and tear may collapse and cause potential injury to employees. We can ensure the racking is properly aligned and connected.


    2. Loose Floor Fittings

    The anchor plates on the bottom of every rack can come loose very quickly due to the constant weight and movement of product on pallet racks. We can identify any loose floor fittings and secure the plates down with heavy anchor bolts.


    3. Physical damage to the Pallet Rack

    It is essential to make sure weight limits are not exceeded on individual beams and the complete frame. Weight limits can constitute an “improper use” and can cause physical damage to pallet racks. We also make sure that there is sufficient clearance space to prevent forklift truck collisions. It is important to encourage employees to report all minor impacts or observable damage to pallet racks.

    Minimising the risk of injury promotes fewer workplace disruptions and less employee absence, which also saves money in the long run.

    According to Steve Newman, RGS’ Victorian State Manager, our Sales Engineer, Nick Greenham, “provided good advice about what racking could be reused according to Australian standards and how much stronger racking was required for a heavier load.”

    Racking systems are a major component of warehouse operations, so it’s essential to have professional advice regarding the correct capacity and design best suited for your warehouse needs. It is important to ensure that your racking systems are safe and eliminate OH&S risks and they are regularly checked for general wear and tear. Even though pallet racking is very durable, over time it will experience a degree of wear and tear like other warehouse equipment.

    One Stop Shelving’s Racking Inspection Team can help you comply with a range of OH&S requirements and maintain your racking’s warranty so you can save money. We’ll work with you to identify and develop strategies to mitigate and reduce overall risk to your business.

    At One Stop Shelving, whatever the product, whatever the capacity, we can design a tailored storage solution to fit your requirements.

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